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Select from our broad range of reputable products and have your purchase delivered to you for FREE*. For the same price you would have paid for at the shop or even cheaper, now you can get it with just a click.

You can save a lot of your time, energy and transportation cost when buying your IT and photography products from us. We are authorised reseller to many of the leading brands and with our controlled / competitive pricing, you are definitely getting a better deal.

What's more, enjoy *free delivery for purchases above $200.00 or just pay a nominal fee for delivery. For your piece of mind and convenience, you can pay through direct bank transfer for purchases in Singapore or by cash upon delivery.

Visit our e-shop for these products:

• Apple Products: iMAC, MAC Pro, MAC Mini, MAC book...
• Computers / Laptops / Monitors
• Mainboard / Graphics & Sound Card
• Software: Norton / Microsoft / Adobe
• Storage: Internal & External HDD / Flash Drives
• Memory: DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3
• Networking Devices
• Canon cameras and accessories
• Others

Do check with us if the product you require is not listed above.

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